HITB Red Team Village CTF

Adversaries vs Defenders aka Red Team vs Blue Team CTF

Exciting Cash Prizes for the HITB CTF Winners
Sponsored by TICS

TICS has sponsored awesome cash prizes for the CTF Winners. Apart from the 1st place and 2nd place gifts, we will e sneding you a couple of awesome goodies as well.

Cash prize for Red Team 1: USD 1000
Cash prize for the Red Team 2: USD 750

Cash prize for Blue Team 1: USD 1000
Cash prize for Blue Team 2: USD 750

About the CTF Competition

Red Team Village ( is a community driven combat readiness platform for Red teaming and Adversarial attack simulation assessments. We have been organizing workshops, talks, Demonstrations, open discussions, Capture the flag challenges (CTF) and other exercises at Cyber Security conferences for the past 4 years.
We build real life CTF scenarios with corporate network architecture and defensive mechanisms. The CTF players needs to do the red teaming against this infrastructure which is protected and monitored by Blue/SoC teams.
HITB Red Team Village CTF is going to be a war between Red Teams and Blue Teams. The Adversaries gets to attack targets similar to real life infrastructure and The Blue Teams need to investigate and find the attack path which has been used by the adversaries. Both Red teams and Blue teams will be winners in this CTF.

Venue: HITB CyberWeek 2020 Virtual

Red Teams CTF Schedule:

Starts at: 09:00 Nov 18th GST [GMT +4]
CTF Ends at: 21:00 Nov 18th GST [GMT +4]

Blue Teams CTF Schedule:

Starts at: 00:00 Nov 19th GST [GMT +4]
CTF Ends at: 12:00 Nov 19th GST [GMT +4]

Registration Instructions

The Adveraries annd Defenders needs to register for the CTF separately. The CTF platform URLs will be shared via email 4 days before the competition. For Blue Team a minimum of members are required. CTF platform URL will be sent to the primary Team email ID only.
A Red Team must not register for Blue Team CTF and vice versa.

Register to participate as Red Team: Register Now

Register to participate as Blue Team: Register Now

Discord Server: Join Now

Technical details - Important

Adversaries aka Red Teams

Some of the technical specs of our challenges are given below. We need the players to feel like they are attacking a real organization. The challenges are designed in such manner.

  • The Red Teams will be given the first 12 hours to attck the targets.
  • The red teams/adversaries needs to red team against the target company ‘Victim Corporation’, within a minimal timeframe.
  • There will be Windows Active Directory infrastructure, IoT drop boxes, even Phishing campaigns, Digital Lockers and physical challenges.
  • The main challenge would be, exploiting a target monitored by Blue/SOC team and get the flags without getting caught in their Radar. (AV/EDR bypass)
  • Idea is to touch a little bit of everything, RECON to Post exploitation techniques.
  • The red team/attackers which captures the flags without creating much noise.
  • Red Teams must not register as a Blue Team. If you do, your team will be banned.

Defenders aka Blue Teams

  • The Blue Teams will be given the second 12 hours to do the investigation.
  • The defender/Blue teams needs to detect and report the positive attacks which had happened in the last 12 hours.
  • Each defender/blue team will be given a set of tasks based on the attacks happened in the past 12 hours.
  • Each defender/blue team will be given access to the SoC platform built based on Elastic (ELK stack – Open source tools)
  • The defenders will have access to SoC platform, EDR/Av console etc
  • The defenders/blue teams will have to detect, classify and report the adversary attempts and TTPs
  • The blue team which reports or completes the highest number of questions or tasks will be the considered as the winner.
  • Since the blue team infrastructure needs to be created, the blue teams/defenders needs to register their teams as early as possible.
  • Blue Teams must not register as a Red Team. If you do, your team will be banned.