About Us

A community driven combat readiness village for
Red Team cyber security assessments!*beta

Red Team Village

Red Team Village is a community driven combat readiness platform for Red teaming and Cyber security attack simulation. This community is managed by a group of cyber security and red team tactics enthusiasts. A Red teamer needs to be skilled in every aspect of offensive security. We can consider this as an open platform to share tactics, techniques, and tools related to various domains of adversarial attack simulation.

We will be conducting workshops, talks, CTF competitions, demonstrations, open discussions and exercises. Rather than focusing on jeopardy type CTF, all of our challenges will be based on real time scenarios and infrastructure.

Please feel free to follow our social media accounts in Twitter and Facebook for the details about previous events or upcoming events/villages. If you would like to contact us for any reason, please drop an email to ops[at]redteamvillage[dot]org.