CTF Village

An introduction to Red team CTF villages and challenges.


The primary purpose of the Red Team assessment is to validate your organizations effectiveness against credible and realistic cyber threats. Threats are real and it makes the companies to concentrate on full scope adversarial attack simulation engagements.

Red team village is on of it's kind. Our end goal is to act as a plaform for red team tactics knowledge sharing and excercises. We keep creating real world scenarios and challenges for our CTF villages, where the cyber security enthusiasts can participate in real world challenges and learn new attack vectors, techniques etc.
We also organize combined excercises which includes both red team and blue team tactics. So that the knowledge van be shared and helps to create a purple team structure.

Technical details - CTF challenges

Some of the technical specs of our challenges are given below. We need the players to feel like they are attacking a real organization. The challenges are designed in such manner.

  • There would be a target company named Victim Corporation. Victim Corp. has a wide list of assets.
  • The assets can be digital, physical, or even employees
  • The participants has to attack the targets in highest degree and obtain the flags.
  • There will be Windows active directory infrastructure, Linux systems, IoT, even phishing campaigns and other attack frameworks.
  • Digital lockers and other physical callenges would be introduced.
  • The final challenge would be, attacking a target monitored by Blue team/SoC and get the flags without getting caught in their radar.
  • Idea is to touch a little bit of everything, OSINT to post exploitation techniques.